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Managing Multiple Medicines

There are a number of ways you can take special care to reduce the risk of problems. Know the names of your medicines, and what they look like. Record details of your medicines, including why you are using them, on a medicines list. Read the consumer medicine...

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Getting a Home Medicines Review (HMR)

Do you know your medicines? If medicines aren’t used properly, or if the wrong ones are used together, the results can be serious. Each year more than 140,000 Australians have to go to hospital with problems caused by their medicine. In up to 69% of these cases, the...

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Know The Language of Medicines

  Medicines are part of most people’s lives, and having access to and understanding important information, and asking the right questions about medicines is the key to getting the most out of them, safely. This is why it is so important to get to know the language of...

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Happy New Year 2019

Our team at Meroo St Family Practice would like to send you best wishes for happiness, health and hope throughout 2019. May the beauty and joy of the festive season stay with you for the whole year. As we look back over last year, we remember with sincere gratitude...

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October Newsletter

What’s New… It has been one year since Dr Vincent Au took over Meroo St Family Practice and as you can see there have been a lot of physical changes to the look of the surgery. We also welcome Dr Timothy Benjamin and his wife Dr Jega Benjamin to the Practice who have...

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Allergy suffering knows no season

Allergies? Hay fever? Springtime can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers with windy conditions and flowering plants and pollens in full swing. As a result, sneezing, running or congested noses and itchy, watery eyes are commonplace. While Spring triggers most...

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Info-therapy to help you know health conditions

We offer general Health News and Information through Australian HealthShareⓇ network. You can find 1200+ up-to-date quality fact sheets on conditions and illness here with a simple search function.

These health sheets can be helpful reference to share information with others and assist in compliance and management of your condition. If you have any questions, please submit the form at Contact us.

Latest health updates from Government Departments

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