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Targeted Health Assessments

Targeted Health Assessments: Age, Culture, and Your Well-being

Age and culture matter when it comes to your health. At Meroo Street Family Practice, we offer specialised Health Assessments for those aged 45–49, over 75, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. These assessments help us understand and improve your physical and mental health. We believe in prevention and good health routines to make sure you stay vibrant. Plus, they can determine if you qualify for specific Health Care programs. When medical intervention is needed, we’ll walk you through every step. Explore our helpful checklists below to see how we can support you with a Health Check.

What We Offer:

  1. Targeted Health Assessments:
  • Age and cultural factors can significantly impact health. Our Health Assessments are tailored to patients aged 45–49, over 75, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to ensure comprehensive care.
  1. Physical and Psychological Health Checks:
  • We evaluate both your physical and psychological well-being to address the full spectrum of your health.
  1. Preventative Health Care Routines:
  • Our goal is to keep you healthy, and preventive care is at the core of what we do. Regular assessments help establish good health habits.
  1. Health Care Programme Eligibility:
  • These assessments can also determine if you’re eligible for specific Health Care programmes designed to meet your unique needs.
  1. Clear Communication:
  • When medical intervention is necessary, we believe in open, honest communication. We’ll explain every step and ensure you’re informed and comfortable.

Explore Our Helpful Checklists:

Why Choose Us:

  • We understand that age and cultural background play a vital role in your health. Our assessments are targeted to provide the care you need. 
  • Your physical and mental health are equally important. Our assessments cover both aspects to ensure comprehensive care.
  • Prevention is better than cure. We emphasise preventive care to keep you on the path to good health.
  • Specialised programmes are available for those who qualify. We’ll help you access the right resources.
  • Clear communication is a priority. We’ll guide you through any medical intervention needed, ensuring you’re fully informed.

At Meroo Street Family Practice, we’re dedicated to making sure your age and culture don’t limit your health, and we proudly serve the Bomaderry and Nowra communities. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your health assessment.