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Skin Cancer Checks at Meroo St Family Practice, Bomaderry

Early Cancer Detection, Management and Prevention

Comprehensive Skin Assessment to Protect Your Skin and Overall Health

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Why Get Your Skin Assessment Now

Early diagnosis is critical in treating and managing skin cancer. Whether you have a family history of cancer, are concerned about a benign mole or lesion, or simply want to be proactive about your health, a skin check can be invaluable in early detection. It increases the chances of a cure with timely and precise treatment, providing the peace of mind that comes with regular health checks and preventive care. 

At Meroo St Family Practice, we recommend regular skin checks to prevent or manage any emerging cancer risk or related skin diseases. With a team of caring doctors who prioritise your well being, we offer targeted skin and health assessments to maintain your physical and mental health at every age.

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Skin Health Services at Bomaderry Creek Health Centre 

  • Full body skin checks with dermoscopy
  • Photographic documentation of suspicious skin lesions
  • Biopsies, including punch, shave and excisional 
  • Melanoma requiring wide excisions 
  • Simple excisional procedures and cosmetic mole excisions 
  • Excisions requiring simple and complex flap repairs on the face, neck and legs 
  • Excisions requiring repair with skin grafting techniques and scar revisions
  • Second opinions and referrals to tertiary centres 
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Meet Your Skin Health Partner

Dr Golnar Mousavi 


You can find Dr Golnar at our Meroo Clinic every Wednesday for skin checks and other related procedures. He’s worked extensively with complicated chronic conditions and general medicine, and he has an advanced certificate in dermatology. 

Dr Golnar is here to help discuss your skin concerns, provide gentle support and guidance and maintain your skin and emotional health. 

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We Care About You 

We offer comprehensive medical care at two convenient locations: Bomaderry Creek Health Centre and Meroo St Family Practice. With the mission to promote and safeguard your well-being and quality care centred around your needs, we ensure your time spent with us is valuable and effective.